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Travel funds for European

The European Framework Programme 6 (FP 6) which includes the RadioNet initiative has come to an end in 2008. In FP 7, a new RadioNet initiative has been accepted in which IRAM is involved with its two Observatories. A budget similar to the 2004 - 2008 period will be available for supporting travel by European astronomers through the Trans National Access (TNA) Programme.

As before, travel may be supported to the 30m telescope and to Grenoble for reduction of interferometer data. Detailed information about the eligibility, TNA contacts, policies, and travel claims can be found on the RadioNet home page at The Principal Investigators of IRAM proposals eligible for TNA funding will be contacted as soon as the new Radionet programme has officially started and the corresponding funds are available.

R. Neri & C. Thum