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Recommendations of the IRAM Program Committee

The IRAM program committee, chaired by Thierry Montmerle, convened in Grenoble on April 8 and 9, 1999 to discuss the proposals submitted for the summer 1999 scheduling period. A total of 71 proposals requesting 3378 hours were received for the 30-m telescope and 36 proposals were received for the interferometer. Considering technical periods, VLBI and, in the case of the interferometer, weather contingencies, both instruments are oversubscribed by a substantial factor.

For the 30m telescope, the committee gave the highest rating "A" to 28 proposals, and 20 proposals received backup status. One proposal, 39-99, was transferred to the interferometer. Like last summer, the committee accepted several proposals requesting more than 100 hours. The individual ratings are listed in the attached table (the proposal numbers were communicated to the PI of each proposal shortly after submission).

As usual, only part of the B proposals will be scheduled, depending on the scientific merit, right ascension range, and general aspects of balance. Owing to particularly strong demands for some right ascension ranges, even A-rated proposals may not always get all the time requested.

30-m Telescope program ratings
02-99 42-99 04-99 53-99 01-99 40-99
08-99 43-99 05-99 58-99 03-99 41-99
11-99 44-99 07-99 60-99 06-99 48-99
14-99 46-99 10-99 65-99 09-99 57-99
15-99 49-99 19-99 68-99 12-99 61-99
17-99 52-99 20-99 70-99 13-99 63-99
18-99 54-99 21-99   16-99 64-99
26-99 55-99 24-99   22-99 71-99
27-99 56-99 32-99   23-99  
28-99 59-99 34-99   25-99  
29-99 62-99 45-99   31-99  
30-99 66-99 47-99   33-99  
36-99 67-99 50-99   35-99  
37-99 69-99 51-99   38-99  


For the interferometer, the programs were classified in A, A/B, B and C category. The A programs will be scheduled in priority, A/B programs will be scheduled if feasible. Further time, if it becomes available, will go to the B programs, taking into account scientific merit, crowding in certain right ascension ranges and general aspects of balance.

R. Neri & C. Thum

Interferometer program ratings
A: Accepted, A/B: Scheduled if feasible
B: Backup if available time, C: Rejected.
Project Rate Project Rate Project Rate
J001 C J002 C J003 B
J004 A J005 A/B J006 A
J007 A J008 A J009 A/B
J00A A/B J00B A/B J00C A$^\dagger$
J00D C J00E B J00F B
J010 C J011 A$^\dagger$ J012 A
J013 A J014 C J015 C
J016 A J017 C J018$^\ddagger$ A/B
J019 C J01A C J01B$^\ddagger$ A/B
J01C B J01D A J01E B
J01F C J020 B$^\dagger$ J021 A
J022 B J023 B    

sep -2mm
$^\dagger$ program accepted in one or more parts only.
$^\ddagger$ program will be carried out as a `time-filler'.

Further information on individual projects are sent by letter.

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