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Matt Carter in memoriam

It is with deep sadness that we report on the passing of our friend and colleague Matthew Carter on Friday, November 28th 2008 following a long illness.

Matt joined IRAM in 1984 as an engineer in the front-end group. Since then, Matt played a key role in the IRAM's receiver program. He was closely involved in the development and building of three generations of receivers for both the 30-meter telescope and the Plateau de Bure interferometer. In particular, Matt contributed in an essential way to the design of optics for sophisticated multi-channel receivers for the IRAM's observatories. In recent years, Matt became very active in the ALMA project, designing the optics for ALMA's multi-band front-end and the calibration system.

We will remember Matt as a creative and imaginative engineer, as well as a beloved and appreciated friend and colleague. Matt was always cheerful at work and courageous in difficult times.

Pierre COX, Karl SCHUSTER & Bernard LAZAREFF