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Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

In conjunction with the IRAM User Meeting (see above), the SAC met to review the outcome of the User Meeting and to discuss a few specific topics in more detail. This included the status of the 30m telescope, in particular the development of its pointing performance with time, the outcome of a recent AOS test, a repeat of which was strongly recommended, and an in-depth discussion of IRAM's development plans for the heterodyne and the bolometer array. The latter one is, as far as hardware is concerned, a collaborative effort with the MPIfR, Bonn and the Service d'Aéronomie, Verrieres le Buisson. The SAC stressed the need to reach as soon as possible similar agreements also for the software development. The SAC furthermore discussed upcoming replacements both for the Programme Committee and for the SAC. Proposals will be submitted to the Executive Council in due time. This meeting of the SAC was the last one under the Chairmanship of Rolf Guesten from the MPIfR, Bonn. As from next year, Claude Bertout from the Grenoble Observatory will take over. IRAM clearly owes a lot to Rolf Guesten for his thrust and efficiency in carrying out his task.


Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:51:14 MET 1995