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New Preprints

The following preprints are available from IRAM:

CO, HI and cold dust in a sample of IRAS galaxies
P. Andreani, F. Casoli, M. Gerin
1994, Astron. and Astrophys.

The distorted kinematics of molecular gas in the center of NGC 891
S. Garcia-Burillo, M. Guélin
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

6cm and 2mm HCO absorption toward compact extragalactic mm-wave continuum sources
H. Liszt, R. Lucas
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

Hydrogen recombination -lines in MWC349
C. Thum, V.S. Strelnitski, J. Martin-Pintado, H.E. Matthews, H.A. Smith
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

1.3mm continuum emission in the late-type spiral NGC 4631
J. Braine, E. Kruegel, A. Sievers, R. Wielebinski
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

The jet-driven molecular outflow in L 1448: CO and continuum synthesis images
R. Bachiller, S. Guilloteau, A. Dutrey, J. Martin-Pintado
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

Carbon monoxide outgassing from comet
P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1
J. Crovisier, N. Biver, D. Bockelée-Morvan, P. Colom, L. Jorda, E. Lellouch, G. Paubert, D. Despois
1995 Icarus

A method to search for high redshift protogalaxies
J. Braine
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

Robert Lucas
Fri Mar 17 14:32:02 MET 1995