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345 GHz observing period from January 17 to 31

The IRAM 345 GHz receiver was installed at the telescope on January 17, and was available for observations until January 31. The installation went smoothly without problems. The receiver was basically the same as used in February 1994. A detailed report about the 1994 observing period is available. The receiver temperature at 345`GHz was about 65 K (DSB). The main beam efficiency was 0.25.

Weather conditions were quite variable. Due to very bad weather, the telescope could not be used for the first four days of the observing period. In the remaining time the weather was changing quickly. Several excellent nights (water vapor below 0.5 mm) were used for observations. About 30% of the observing time were lost because of bad weather (the average for 1994 is somewhat lower than 20%, see below).

Robert Lucas
Fri Mar 17 14:32:02 MET 1995