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7-channel bolometer period in February 1995

The MPIfR 7-channel bolometer array was installed and available for observations from February 1 to 27. The measured sensitivity on an absorber for the central channel was 40 . The sensitivity of the other channels was similar, except channel 4 which was up to a factor of two worse. In general, the instrument worked without problems and could be used almost all of the time. Some interruptions were caused by problems with the wobbler. The weather conditions seem to have been somewhat worse than expected for February. Fig. 1 shows the zenith optical depths (measured with skydips) during February. Even during periods with high values, useful data could sometimes be obtained because of the very stable (but poor) atmosphere.

Figure 1: Zenith optical depth during February 1995.

Robert Lucas
Fri Mar 17 14:32:02 MET 1995