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News from GILDAS

New release: MAY2001

A new release of the GILDAS package, dated MAY2001, is available. It can be downloaded from the IRAM ftp anonymous server, at As for previous releases, we provide both the complete source codes - to be compiled -, and the binary executables for some platforms (including HPUX 10.2, Linux Red Hat 6.1, Windows98).

What's new: Fortran-90

One significant (but transparent for the user) modification introduced in this release is the use of Fortran-90 to code some part of GILDAS: the MAPPING software has been rewritten and extended, and some new tasks, developed for ALMA simulations, have also been written in this language. Fortran-90 allows a very convenient and efficient coding of mathematical algorithms. It is foreseen that part of the future developments in GILDAS will be done using this language. Compilers can be found on most systems, including HPUX, Linux, Solaris, Windows.

Compiling GILDAS: The BUILD procedure has been modified, to allow the user to indicate whether a Fortran-90 compiler is available or not. If a Fortran-77 compiler is used, the ``old'' MAPPING program (which does not include the latest developments) is compiled, and the ALMA simulation tools are not available. Please note that only the Fortran-90 version of MAPPING will be supported. The older Fortran-77 version is only provided for convenience during the interim period in which not all users may have access to an operating system supporting the Fortran-90 run time libraries.

Using binary executables: Binary executables are available on the IRAM ftp server. We provide versions compiled with and without Fortran-90. The Linux Red Hat 6.1 version compiled using Fortran-90 should run on any computer: we provide the Fortran-90 run time libraries that are required.


To avoid conflict with Fortran-90 conventions, we had to rename the POINTER function, used when manipulating virtual memory in the GILDAS programs or tasks. The new name of this function is GAG_POINTER. The GILDAS users having written their own tasks and wanting to link them with the MAY2001 release should do this slight modification in their source codes if needed.

Contacting the GILDAS working group

We have set-up a number of email addresses that may be used for inquiries, bug reports, questions, suggestions, etc. For simplicity, each software has its own email address:

GRAPHIC and tasks

More general inquiries, including installation problems, can be reported to:

We strongly encourage all GILDAS users to make use of these email addresses. The GILDAS software is continuously modified, to follow as closely as possible the evolution of the telescopes and receivers, and include new tasks, methods, or algorithms. The feedback from the users is essential to track the bugs and errors that may be present in the software, and ensure that GILDAS is matching the needs of the astronomers.

All informations can be found on the GILDAS web pages, at

Frédéric GUETH and the GILDAS working group

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