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Baseline extension

Work has begun on the Plateau to extend the baselines by about 50 % in length. After a detailed feasibility study including tests of ground quality and simulation of UV coverages, a solution with 4 new stations has been selected. 3 new stations are on the West arm: W20, W23 and W27 (the number is the distance from station W00 in units of 8 meters). These stations will allow better UV coverage and longer baselines. ``Scaled'' arrays (between 3mm and 1.3mm) will also be possible. One new station is on the North arm: N29, to improve resolution at low declination, and to allow better diagonal baselines. The extension phase will last for two summer periods. We hope to complete the West arm extension this year, and the North arm is foreseen for next year.

Optimum choice of the configurations is under study.

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:36:33 MET 1995