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The next software release is scheduled for June 1994. Please consult the item ``GILDAS'' through Mosaic for more details. Improvements have been made in CLIC (antenna based calibration), CLASS (commands MEMORIZE and RETRIEVE are back, command POPUP improved), MAPPING (A new program for deconvolution of Plateau de Bure images), ASTRO (ephemerides up to year 3000 and beyond), and documentation (usage of the Mosaic software under X-Windows).

The major activity in preparing this release is currently porting the software to DEC-Alpha machines operating under OSF-1. First results are encouraging, but a lot remains to be done... It is likely that the first OSF-1 version may be restricted to major programs like GREG, ASTRO and CLASS, and may not include any GILDAS task.

Because the porting to 64 bit machines requires many changes, we would appreciate having contact with owners of SUN workstations in order to test the JUN94 version prior to its official release. Volunteers, please contact S.Guilloteau.


Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:36:33 MET 1995