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Computer News

Computer power has been increased at Pico Veleta through the additional installation of a VAX Station 4000/60. It can be accessed from the other computers or PCs using the node name "IramEF".

The connection between the Pico Veleta and Granada computer networks via radio link is now using dedicated communication processors (so-called "routers"). This removes some work load from the main computers (which handled the communication up to now), and makes the radio link faster and more reliable.

Due to the fact that IRAM Granada is sometimes cut off from telnet connections, we advise all observers to bring important files (e.g. source catalogues, previous data etc.) on DAT, tape or PC floppy disks. For questions about formats etc. please contact Walter Brunswig (

Wolfgang WILD

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:36:33 MET 1995