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New Preprints

The following preprints are available from IRAM:

Methanol enhancement in young bipolar outflows
R. Bachiller, S. Liechti, C.M. Walmsley, F. Colomer
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

Ammonia emission from bow shocks in the L1157 outflow
M. Tafalla, R. Bachiller
1995 Astrophys. Journal

High density CN filaments in NGC 2023
A. Fuente, J. Martin-Pintado, R. Gaume
1995 ApJ. Letters

An extremely high velocity multipolar outflow around IRAS 20050+2720
R. Bachiller, A. Fuente, M. Tafalla
1995 Ap.J. Letters

A 3d iterative deprojection technique
M. Bremer
1995 A & A Supplement Series

New Working Report available:

Frequency switching at the 30m telescope
C. Thum, A. Sievers, S. Navarro, W. Brunswig, J. Peñalver

Robert Lucas
Fri May 12 14:34:35 METDST 1995