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Program committee recommendations

The following table shows the recommendations of the program committee for the scheduling period May 15, 1995, to November 15, 1995:

( Project Status: A: Accepted, B: Backup if time available, C: Rejected.)

In the above table, the first five A projects are backup proposals from the last observing session which have been started recently.

The A programs will be scheduled in priority. Further time, if it becomes available, will go to the B programs, taking into account scientific merit, crowding in certain right ascension ranges and general aspects of balance. B proposals will only be started in case of available observing time. Some B proposals will be carried out with 3 antennas during the summer maintenance period (June-July). Note that B projects which cannot be started will no longer be automatically resubmitted: authors have to resubmit them explicitly.

Robert Lucas
Fri May 12 14:34:35 METDST 1995