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NIC, the software in the user friendly environment of SIC and GREG for the processing of continuum data obtained with multibeam bolometers, is finally available for general release. The data reduction package, developed in collaboration with the CEA in Saclay, the MPIfR in Bonn and the Observatoire de Grenoble, is part of the MAR96 release of the GILDAS software.

You will need bolometer data in the Nic2-Multi-Byte (NMB) format if you plan to reduce it with NIC. The format is system independent so NMB data can be copied to any computer system without further conversion. NIC processes any scan in the NMB format, including focus, pointing and skydip scans. A program is available to convert raw data to the NMB format for vms and unix based systems. To obtain a copy send the one line message `` SENDME VAXTONMB" to

Data obtained during this year's bolometer campaigns need at least NIC Version 1.3-04, as it requires the appropriate time conversion routines. The MAR96 version of NIC is more extended and advanced than the Version 1.3-04, in particular for the preparation of observations. Standard data reduction procedures are available to simplify one's first steps with NIC.

We will continue working on NIC and need your feedback. If you feel your e-mail address should be on a list of addresses of bolometer users who will in the future be informed on new developments concerning the multibeam bolometer software, please send the one line message `` SUBSCRIBE" to the same account as above.

Roberto NERI