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Additional flights to Granada

Up to now there were only a few flight connections to Granada. The Spanish company AVIACO usually offers two to three flights daily, connecting Granada with Madrid and Barcelona typically in the morning and evening. This limited offer sometimes made it difficult to travel to Granada without long stopovers. An alternative used by many visitors to the 30m telescope was a flight to Malaga.

Two additional airlines have now announced direct flights from and to Granada from various destinations in Spain and Europe. Starting November 1 tex2html_wrap_inline839 , the Spanish airline Air Europa will offer 19 flights per week connecting Granada with a number of cities throughout Spain and Europe. Additional flights to Barcelona and Madrid (the latter ones starting at a later date, however) will be available. From November 7 tex2html_wrap_inline841 , the German company LTU will offer a direct flight Düsseldorf - Granada once a week on Thursdays. Please contact your travel agent for details about these new flights.