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Internet in Spain

Don't always rely on the Internet !

Despite the improvements both in speed and reliability of our Internet connection during the past years, we would like to urge observers NOT to rely on the Internet for transferring files necessary to carry out the observations (e.g. source list, frequencies, previous data etc.). Although disruptions have been scarce lately, it still can be the case that no Internet access is possible for (short) periods of time (according to Murphy's law, this of course happens when a connection is desperately needed...). Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for Internet availability. Interruptions usually occur due to causes which are outside IRAM's responsibility (and ``sphere of influence'').

We therefore strongly advise Visiting Astronomers to the 30m telescope to either transfer their files before they come to the telescope (e.g. to the visitor account in Granada), or bring them on a DAT. Not all computers at IRAM Granada (downtown and telescope) are accessible from outside by ftp because of security considerations. Please contact Walter Brunswig ( in case of problems.

Wolfgang WILD