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    [NOEMAOFFLINE\]NEWVEL VType Value [Tolerance] [/FIXEDEQ] [/SETUP]

    Applies the current backend configuration to a source at  different  LSR
    velocity  or  redshift to compare the frequency coverage of high resolu-
    tion spectral windows. With Vtype LSR (resp. REDSHIFT), Value should  be
    the  LSR  velocity in km/s (resp. the redshift) for which the comparison
    is desired. The shift in REST frequency coverage between the two sources
    is  computed  and  compared to a tolerance (in MHz) that can be given as
    third argument (0 is the default value).

    With the option /FIXEDEQ, the tuning for the new  redshift  or  velocity
    will not be adapted to match the optimized tuning grid (as a result, the
    frequency coverage offset is null)


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