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    This option is meant to be used through PMS to create very simple summa-
    ry plots.

    Plot the current receiver and backend configuration in a single horizon-
    tal plot. By default spectral lines from the  current  catalog  are  not
    drawn.  This  can be changed using the /LINES option (global behavior as
    defined by SET LINES is not affected).

    A representative frequency [GHz] can be indicated  as  argument  of  the
    /PROPOSAL option. It will be indicated on the plot and the number of po-
    larizations covering this frequency (in all spectral resolution) is com-
    puted.  In addition a channel spacing [kHz] can be given as second argu-
    ment. In that case the number of polarizations covering the  representa-
    tive frequency at the indicated channel spacing is also given.

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