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    [NOEMAOFFLINE\]NEWVEL VType Value [Tolerance]  /SETUP  LineName  RepFreq
    [Resolution] [/LINES]

    The  \SETUP  option is used as output the commands in ONLINE syntax that
    are needed to configure the system as they should appear in the  observ-
    ing  setup  file.   It is ment to be used by the Setup Management System
    when preparing the observing procedures of accepted proposals.   If  the
    shift between the coverages at the two considered LSR velocities or Red-
    shift is larger than the tolerance, then the  ONLINE  commands  are  not

    /SETUP  option  requires  at least 2 arguments: the line name as it will
    appear in the NOEMAONLINE\LINE command, and the representative frequency
    of  the  setup  (see  Proposal  Management System), in GHz.  The desired
    spectral resolution (in kHz) can be given as third argument.   Some  in-
    formation about the frequency coverage (e.g. number of polarization cov-
    ering the representative frequency, USB and LSB coverage limits, contin-
    uum bandwidth,...) is given in output.

    The option /LINES can be used to display the catalog lines.

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