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    [NOEMAOFFLINE\]PLOT [SelectionCode]

    Displays  the current state of the receiver and backend configuration. A
    warning message is added to the plot when the current setup is not tech-
    nically feasible (chunk conflicts or unit overload).

    With  no arguments all the basebands are plotted.  A subset of basebands
    can be selected using a character code to indicate the band  (2  charac-
    ters),  polarization,  sideband  and baseband (1 character each). Any of
    these elements can be omitted to make no  particular  selection  on  the
    corresponding, but if present, the above order must be preserved.

    PLOT : will plot all the basebands
    PLOT B1HUO  : will plot only the outer baseband of the upper
                      sideband in polar H for the Band 1 tuning.
                      (Band is not mandatory when only 1 receiver band is tuned)


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