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    Write  (to  screen or in a file defined with /FILE option) a sequence of
    commands to come back to the current state of  receiver/backend  defini-
    tions.  The  commands  are written in the language NOEMAOFFLINE, and the
    output script can be updated to the Proposal Management System during  a
    proposal preparation session.

    PROPOSAL  will  return  an error if the configuration is not technically
    feasible (chunk selected by more than 1 spectral window, or more  chunks
    needed than available in a correlator unit).

    With  the  option /TIME, the time used for the computation of source ve-
    locities will be added in the output script.

    In addition to the commands, the output of  PROPOSAL  contains  all  the
    spectral lines of the current catalog which fall in the observed ranges.

    The command SETUP creates a similar script, but in the NOEMAONLINE  lan-
    guage (OBS syntax).

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