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    Write (to screen or in a file defined with /FILE option) a  sequence  of
    commands  to  come back to the current state of receiver/backend defini-
    tions. The commands are written in the language used at the  observatory
    to  define the receiver and correlator setups.  This can be run in ASTRO
    after switching to NOEMA online mode: OBSERVATORY NOEMA ONLINE

    SETUP will return an error if the  setup  is  not  technically  feasible
    (chunk  selected  by more than 1 spectral window, ore more chunks needed
    than available in a correlator unit).

    The output commands are compatible with the online software at the NOEMA
    observatory.   In  detail  SETUP  will convert the rest frequency to LSR
    frequency for sources defined with a redshift and enter the source  com-
    mand with "LSR 0" instead of "RED zz.z".

    In  addition to the commands, the output of SETUP contains all the spec-
    tral lines of the current catalog which fall in the observed ranges.

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