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    Create the binary table of CONTINUUM Tsys used by the NOEMA  sensitivity
    estimator.  None of the inputs can be customized at user level. Contents

    Code      C*4  [     ]  System code

    Pressure  R*4  [HPa  ]  Pressure at observatory altitude
    Gaini     R*4  [     ]  Image band gain

    Ne        I*4  [     ]  Number of elements (should be 3 = min,aver,max)
    Nf        I*4  [     ]  Number of LO frequencies
    Na        I*4  [     ]  Number of airmasses
    Nw        I*4  [     ]  Number of precipitable water vapor amounts
    Nt        I*4  [     ]  Number of temperatures

    F[Nf]     R*4  [GHz  ]  LO Frequencies
    A[Na]     R*4  [Neper]  Airmasses
    W[Nw]     R*4  [mm   ]  Precipitable water vapor amounts
    T[Nt]     R*4  [K    ]  Temperature values
    Trec[Nf]  R*4  [K    ]  Receiver temperatures (per LO frequency)
    Feff[Nf]  R*4  [     ]  Forward efficiencies (per LO frequency)

    Tsys[Ne,Nf,Na,Nw,Nt]  R*4  [K    ]  Tsys

    In its first dimensions, the Tsys table provides the triplet  of  values
    [min,  average,  max]  found  from the two sidebands around the given LO

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