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        [NOEMAONLINE\] BASEBANDS [SelectionCode] [Mode] [/RECEIVER Irec]

    Assign  a mode to a given baseband and switch it on.  The only available
    mode today is Mode 1. (64 low resolution chunks and up to 16 high  reso-
    lution  chunks  in  each  baseband).  Mode can also be OFF to switch the
    corresponding correlator unit OFF.

    The selection is done through 0 to 3 character codes to indicate the po-
    larization, sideband and baseband (1 character each).

    BASEBAND HUO 1 /RECEIVER 1: will set the mode 1 to the outer baseband of the
                                sideband in polar H, for the Band 1 tuning.

    Option  /RECEIVER  can  be omitted in ASTRO as long as multi band is not

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