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        [NOEMA\]LINE  Name Ftune(GHz) Sideband FIF(MHz) [/RECEIVER Irec]

    Defines the tuning of one of a receiver band

    Tuning syntax:
    Name    : Line Name
    Ftune   : Frequency to tune (in GHz)
    SideBand: Sideband where to place Ftune (LSB or USB)
    FIF     : Position where Ftune will be placed in the IF band (in MHz)

    Ftune must be in REST frequency

    If a source has been defined, its velocity (but NO redshift) at the cur-
    rent  ASTRO time is taken into account to convert Ftune to RF frequency.

    Option /RECEIVER can be omitted in ASTRO as long as multi  band  is  not

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