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    [ALMA\]FREQUENCY Name Frequency Band Center

    Define and plot the receiver frequency coverage of ALMA. The command
    syntax is similar to that of the LINE command for the Plateau de Bure:
      Name      is a line name to label the plot
      Frequency is the rest frequency in GHz
      Band      should be USB or LSB
      Center    is the IF1 frequency in MHz [optional]

    The command produces a plot of the USB and LSB  frequency  band.  It  is
    then  necessary  to define the position of the four correlator basebands
    (command BASEBAND) and then the spectral windows within  each  basebands
    (command SPWINDOW).

    A typical session to define an ALMA setup would be:
    freq something 220 lsb ! define receiver tuning
    base 1 220.8           ! define baseband #1
    plot base 1            ! plot baseband #1
    spw 1                  ! define spectral windows on baseband 1
                           !   using the cursor

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