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    [PDBI\]NARROW_INPUT Q1|Q2|Q3|Q4 Q1|Q2|Q3|Q4

    Select the two entries of the PdBI narrow-band correlator. The PdBI  re-
    ceivers  have  4 GHz bandwidth (for each polarization), from IF=4 GHz to
    IF=8 GHz. The WIDEX correlator is able to analyse the  whole  bandwidth,
    but the narrow-band correlator can process only two 1 GHz wide bands.

    The receiver 4 GHz bandwidth is split into four "quarters":
             Q1 = 4.2-5.2 GHz    Q2 = 5.0-6.0 GHz
             Q3 = 6.0-7.0 GHz    Q4 = 6.8-7.8 GHz
    and  two  of them must be selected as inputs to the narrow-band correla-
    tor. Any combination is possible. The polarization that is selected  de-
    pends on the selected quarter:
      - the correlator input 1 can only be Q1 HOR, Q2 HOR, Q3 VER, Q4 VER
      - the correlator input 2 can only be Q1 VER, Q2 VER, Q3 HOR, Q4 HOR

    Example: NARROW_INPUT Q1 Q2 selects Q1 HOR as first input, and Q2 VER as
    second input. Simultaneous measurements of the two HOR and VER polariza-
    tions is obtained with e.g. NARROW_INPUT Q1 Q1.

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