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             [/LIMITS min max]
             [/MOLECULES FileName [Mol1 Mol2 ... Moln]]
             [/WIDTH width]
             [/SPURIOUS [NO]]
             [/ATMOSPHERE [water]]

    The  PLOT command is used to change the plot options and update the plot
    accordingly. Except for some restrictions on /LIMITS,  the  options  are
    valid for all observatories.

    Three types of plots can be produced for the Plateau de Bure:

    o LINE mode = plot of the LSB and USB (as produced by the LINE command).
    Note that the new generation receivers at PdBI are single-side band: the
    image  sideband  appears in light grey.  Widex and Narrow-band units are

    o  NARROW mode = SSB plot of the two selected entries of the narrow-band
    correlator. This plot is aimed at zooming on the two 1 GHz inputs of the
    correlator, as selected by the NARROW_INPUT command.  The  position  and
    width of the 8 spectral units are drawn.

    o WIDEX mode = plot of the WIDEX frequency coverage.

    Two types of plots can be produced for ALMA :

    o  FREQUENCY  mode = plot of the LSB and USB ouptut of the receiver band
    (as produced by the FREQUENCY command).

    o BASEBAND mode = plot of the baseband #i. The position and width of the
    spectral windows defined with SPWINDOW are also drawn.

    After  each  of  the  LINE, NARROW_BAND, SPECTRAL or WIDEX commands, the
    plot is updated.


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