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    [PDBI\ or  ALMA\]PLOT [...] [/MOLECULES [FileName [Mol1 Mol2 ... Moln]]

       Display the name of molecules and transitions found in the  specified

       Note: the whole plot is redrawn. Displayed lines are not simply over-
    laid on the current existing plot.

    Default is to use the GAG_MOLECULE file, distributed with  ASTRO  but  a
    user-defined  catalog  can  also  be specified. This file must be a text
    file with entries:
        Freq   'chain'
    where Freq is the rest frequency in GHz and 'chain' the line name to  be
    plotted by GreG, between single quotes. Example:
        88.632  'HCN'
        89.081  'HCO\u+'
    Another supported format is "Comma Separated Value", as produced by many
    spreadsheet processors, i.e.
        115.230, HCN J=1-0,
    (Depending on the LOCALE, the "comma (,)" may be a "semi comma (;)".)

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