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Receiver and correlator setup

Since February 2017, a set of commands have been developed in ASTRO in order to help users when preparing receiver and correlator setups for NOEMA observations. The main commands are: TUNING, BASEBAND, and SPW. Other useful commands are LIST, RESET, and PLOT to visualize and manage the configured spectral windows. The online proposal management system requires an ASTRO script as input. This script can be obtained through the PROPOSAL command once the desired hardware configuration has been reached.

Note that the generic ASTRO commands CATALOG, SET LINES and SET FREQUENCY can be used to optimize the plots produced by TUNING, BASEBAND, SPW and PLOT commands.

The full documentation not yet written but one can refer to the internal HELP and to a dedicated tutorial (including new NOEMA nomenclature definition) is available on the GILDAS web page (, tutorial section)

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