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Receiver and correlator setup

The current generation of receivers at the Plateau de Bure is composed of four receivers bands, tuned SSB, each of them including two polarization channels. At any given time, only one receiver is used, but with the two polarizations. Each polarization delivers 4 GHz. The narrow-band correlator accepts as input two signals of 1 GHz bandwidth, that can be selected within the $2\times 4$ GHz delivered by the receiver. A wide-band correlator, processing the whole $2\times 4$ GHz is currently being built. The receivers bands are as follows:

Band 1 80-117 GHz (3 mm window)
Band 2 129-174 GHz (2 mm window)
Band 3 200-267 GHz (1.3 mm window)
Band 4 277-371 GHz (0.8 mm window)

To prepare Plateau de Bure observations, ASTRO includes a series of commands to simulate the receivers tuning and backend setup.


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