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    Open  the  catalog  file specified by 'name'. It can be a source catalog
    (if /SOURCE or /ALTERNATE is present, or if the extension is .sou, or by
    default  if  none is present), or a line catalog (if /LINE option, or if
    the extension is .lin).

    See HELP CATALOG FORMAT for a description of the  source  catalogs  con-
    tent.  The directory GAG_DEMO: contains two examples of source catalogs,
    sample.sou and phase.sou (an incomplete list of Plateau  de  Bure  phase
    calibrators).  The  file GAG_DATA:phase-pdb.sou contains a more complete
    list of Plateau de Bure phase calibrators.

    The line catalog can be used to draw  the  position  of  known  spectral
    lines  when plotting the frequency coverage of EMIR, NOEMA or ALMA.  See
    HELP CATALOG /LINE for details.

    CATALOG with no arguments will display the catalogs currently opened.


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