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        In the ASTRO source catalog format each source uses one line of  the
    catalog  file.   Each line should contain the following consecutive key-
    words (some may be omitted):
     1) Source name field:
        The source name field is a composite item which can accomodate several
        names for a single source. Names should be separated by a vertical bar
        ( | ) with no embedded spaces, e.g.: B0415+379|3C111. Each name must
        have at most 12 characters.
     2) Coordinate system: 2 characters, optional, may be:
          EQ for equatorial coordinates. If "EQ" is given explicitely,
                                 then the Equinox value is mandatory.
          GA for Galactic II coordinates.
          EC for J2000 Ecliptic coordinates
          HO for horizontal coordinates
          DA for equatorial, present-day coordinates.
     3) Equinox: needed for equatorial coordinates after "EQ" keyword.
     4) Longitude-like coordinate: in degrees, except for EQ and DA where it
        should be in hours. Format is
              "hh:mm:ss.sss" is a generalized sexagesimal format
                (hh:mm:ss.sss or dd.ddd or hh:mm.mmm)
              "first" is an (optional) first order time derivative
              "second" is an (optional) second order time derivative
     5) Latitude-like coordinate: in degrees, same format as above.

     The following OPTIONAL keywords can also be included, and may be listed in
     any order:

     A) a "Velocity" keyword
         Velocity Value
            where "Velocity" is an alphabetic code, equal to "LSR", "HELIO",
            or "EARTH". HELIO actually means: referred to the Solar System
            barycenter. Value is the velocity in km/second, in the corresponding
            reference frame. Default is zero.
     A') the "REDSHIFT" keyword
         Redshift Value
            Value is the redshift value.
            The user may provide a redshift OR a velocity, not both.
     B) an "Intensity" keyword
         FLUX  Value [Index]
             Value is the flux in Jy. Index is an optional spectral index
         Mx  Value
             Value is the magnitude, Unknown values can be coded 99.99
             Mx can be MAGNITUDE, or x is one of V,R,I,J,H,K,L,M,N to indicate
             the visual band
     C) a "Project" keyword
         PROJECT ProjectID
            to specify a project identification (a string without spaces)
     D) an "hour" keyword to indicate the validation hour for the coordinates
        (which is useful when time  derivatives are given), specified by
         HOUR Value
     E) A "Parallax" keyword
         PARALLAX Value
              Value is in arcsec.

    Any other keyword will be ignored.

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