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        [ASTRO\]CONSTELL [/DRAW [m] [l] [s]] [/BOUNDARIES]

    Plots in the current FRAME with the current FONT, MARKER  and  PEN,  the
    constellations, i.e., the main stars of all constellations with a marker
    size adequately depending on the magnitude.  The options are:
     /DRAW [m] [l] [s]
     "m" will cause markers at the star's positions to be plotted
     "l" will cause the constellations outlines to be plotted
     "s" will cause the star's names to be plotted (using current centering and
         character size)
     /BOUNDARIES will draw the constellation boundaries (originally
         constant RA and DEC at 1875 equinox, they are precessed to the
         current equinox).  The current code is quite slow.

    The default is CONSTELL /DRAW m l. This command makes use of the logical
    name  GAG_CONSTELL  which  points to a GILDAS Table containing the stars
    positions (constellation.bin bydefault) and drawing codes, and  GAG_CON-
    ST_BOUND which defines the constellation boundaries (file sky.bin by de-

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