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Setting defaults

ASTRO comes with a short precedure named astro-site.astro, located in the pro directory of your GILDAS installation. This file is executed at the beginning of each ASTRO session, and is used to set default values for the time and observatory parameters.

  ! Observatory and time initialization
  astro\set dut1 -0.3    ! November 2007 Bulletin D 98 of IERS
  astro\set dtdt 65.184  ! January 2006  Bulletin C 30 of IERS
  astro\observatory      ! Select default observatory
  astro\time           ! Use current system time
  if (observatory.eq."BURE") then
     astro\set azimuth south
     astro\catalog gag_data:phase-pdb
     sic\message i site "Plateau de Bure defaults selected"
  else if (observatory.eq."PICOVELETA") then
     astro\set azimuth north
     sic\message i site "Pico Veleta defaults selected"   
     sic\message i site "No known defaults for this observatory"

Note the SET AZIMUTH NORTH|SOUTH command, which is used to define the azimuth to be zero in the North or South directions, to conform to local conventions.

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