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    Load (a subset of) the (alternate) source file in a user structure  (the
    structure  will  be global, and created if needed). /FLUX can be used to
    select a range of fluxes. In return, the user structure contains:

      S%N                 number of lines read and selected
      S%NAME[S%N]         source name (or names, appended with |)
      S%SYSTEM[S%N]       coordinate system
      S%EQUINOX[S%N]      equinox if coordinate system is Equatorial
      S%LAMBDA[S%N]       lambda coordinate (radians)
      S%BETA[S%N]         beta coordinate (radians)
      S%VTYPE[S%N]        velocity type
      S%VELOCITY[S%N]     velocity value
      S%REDSHIFT[S%N]     redshift value
      S%ITYPE[S%N]        intensity type (FLux, MAgnitude)
      S%INTENSITY[S%N]    intensity value
      S%SPINDEX[S%N]      spectral index
      S%MAGNITUDE[9,S%N]  9 magnitudes per source (see HELP CATALOG FORMAT)

    According to the current ASTRO\SET NAME tuning, the  variable  S%NAME[i]
    may contain one or all variant names of the source.

    Note  that  in  order  to see any change in the source file(s) (new file
    name, updated file contents), the structure should be reloaded by  call-
    ing again this command.

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