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        ---- Using UV_TRACKS for ALMA ----

    UV_TRACKS can be used to simulate ALMA observations,  using  the  /TABLE
    and  /FRAME options to create tables with one or several configurations.
    To do so, the command sequence must be

    observatory alma
    sic log astro_stations "alma-cycle1-1.cfg"
    uv_track all [...options...]

    The logical astro_stations must point to a configuration file  of  ALMA.
    They  are  distributed  with  GILDAS  and  are  called "alma-cycle0-com-
    pact.cfg"  and  "alma-cycle0-extended.cfg"  for   Cycle   0;   "alma-cy-
    cle1-*.cfg"  (6 different configurations) and "aca-cycle1.cfg" for Cycle
    1. Then "uv_track all" means all stations will be used. This is  differ-
    ent  from  Bure,  where all stations are in one single file and the user
    defines with uv_track which stations are to be used; but this  would  be
    painful for ALMA (32 stations to enter in Cycle 1...).

    For  ACA,  it is better to enter "observatory aca" - coordinates are the
    same, but this will make sure the proper antenna diameter is used in the
    computation of shadowing.

Gildas manager 2018-08-18