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        [ASTRO\]UV_TRACKS ... /WEIGHT Mode [JyPerK Bandwidth]  /TABLE  [Name
    [/FRAME  Size]] [/HOUR_ANGLE Hmin [Hmax]] [/HORIZON Elmin] [/INTEGRATION
    t] [/STATIONS ALL|list]

    In the output UV table, the weight is by default constant, equal  to  1.
    This  can be modified using the /WEIGHT Mode option. Mode can be UNIFORM
    (constant weight), AIRMASS (weight proportional to airmass^-2,  i.e.  to
    sin(elevation)^2) or FULL.

    With  the  option  /WEIGHT FULL the weights are computed from the system
    temperature, derived from the frequency and receiver temperature.   This
    option  requires  two  additional  arguments to specify the antenna gain
    (conversion from Jy to K, about 30 for ALMA below 350  GHz,  between  22
    and  35, depending on the frequency for NOEMA) and the channel width (in
    MHz). The frequency is derived from variable FREQUENCY.  If FREQUENCY is
    equal  to FREQ_SIG, the image frequency defined by FREQ_IMA and sideband
    gain ration (GAIN_IMAGE) are also used as in  the  ATM  command.   Else,
    GAIN_IMAGE is set to zero.

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