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        [PICO\]BACKEND BackendName [BackendMode]

    Set  and  identifies  the frequency coverage of a Backend (BackendName =
    FTS, WILMA, or VESPA).  The coverage is displayed, and lines in the cur-
    rent line catalog are overlaid if SET LINES ON is set.  (See CATALOG and
    SET commands).

    BackendMode is only valid for FTS. Can be NARROW (50kHz  resolution)  or
    WIDE (200kHz resolution).

    For  VESPA,  the commands displays the region where units can be placed.
    Their setting and display will be implemented later.  2 Color codes:
    Grey                    : region not covered by the Backend
    Light yellow            : backend unit coverage
    Darker yellow           : region of overlap with another backend

Gildas manager 2018-08-19