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        [PICO\]EMIR [Ftune1 SB1 [Ftune2 SB2]]  [/ZOOM Keyword]  [/PAGEWIDTH]

    Without  arguments,  the  command  displays the available bands of EMIR.
    With the option /INFO, several informations about the receiver are list-
    ed in the terminal.

    Different ranges are colorized:
    Black           : outside the receiver bands
    Dark grey       : in the receiver bands, but not accessible with the present
    White           : in the receiver bands, accessible with the present tuning

    With  arguments,  the command defines the tuning of EMIR (up to 2 bands)
    and represents it on the global view.

    Tuning syntax:
    Ftune1,2        : Frequency (GHz) of the first (second) band to tune
    SB1,2           : IF baseband where to place Frest1,2 (used to define LO fre

    Ftune1,2 must be in the current frequency main axis  (REST  by  default,
    but  can  be changed with SET FREQUENCY command). If a source was previ-
    ously defined, its velocity or redshift is taken into account to convert
    Ftune1,2 to RF frequencies.


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