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        [NOEMAOFFLINE\] BASEBANDS [SelectionCode] [Mode] [/RESET]

    After  a  receiver  TUNING, select a number of 4GHz basebands and assign
    them a correlator mode. Forthcoming SPW commands will concern  only  the
    selected  basebands.   The  selection  is  done through 0 to 5 character
    codes to indicate the band (2 characters),  polarization,  sideband  and
    baseband  (1  character  each).  Any of these elements can be omitted to
    make no particular selection on the corresponding, but if  present,  the
    above order must be preserved.

    BASEBAND        : will select all the basebands
    BASEBAND B1HUO  : will select only the outer baseband of the upper
                      sideband in polar H for the Band 1 tuning.
                      (Band is not mandatory when only 1 receiver band is tuned)

    The correlator mode selection is done using the most discriminating fre-
    quency resolution (given in kHz). The only available mode right  now  is
    62.5kHz.  The  correlator  mode  "OFF" can be used to switch off a whole


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