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        LAS\FITS READ File[.fits]

    Read  the File.fits FITS file to the CLASS Data Format. If the FITS file
    has been written (see HELP FITS WRITE) using:
    - the SPECTRUM mode, the (unique) spectrum is loaded  in  the  R  buffer
      (memory only). If needed, you have to open an output file and WRITE it
      in order to save it on disk.
    - the INDEX mode, the (several) spectra  are  converted  and  implicitly
      written  to the current output file (it must have been opened before).
      The previous contents of the Class file is preserved (spectra are  ap-

    This command can read 2 flavors of FITS files:
    - the  CLASS-FITS  format (i.e. the one written by FITS WRITE or by some
      3rd party softwares). See the CLASS programmer documentation  for  de-
    - the Herschel-HIFI FITS format. See the dedicated memo for details.

    FITS cubes can be converted to the Gildas (not CLASS) Data Format by the
    command VECTOR\FITS, and then imported as a Class index by  the  command
    ANALYSE\LMV. See HELP V\FITS and HELP LMV for details.

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