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        LAS\FITS   WRITE  File[.fits]  /MODE  SPECTRUM|INDEX  [/BITS  Nbits]

    WRITE the File.fits FITS file from the CLASS Data  Format.  /MODE  is  a
    mandatory option which can take the following values as argument:
      SPECTRUM a  simple FITS file is written from the current R spectrum in
               memory is written. The number of  bits  per  intensity  value
               used when writing the FITS file may be controlled through the
               /BITS optional argument. It can be: 16 or I*2 (2 bytes  inte-
               ger),  32 or I*4 (4 bytes integer) or -32 or R*4 (4 bytes re-
               al). Default is 32.
      INDEX    a FITS BINTABLE is written from all the  spectra  in  current
               index.  The  user  MUST  make sure that all index spectra are
               consistent (same source, same  line,  same  frequency  setup,
               ...).  The  intensity  values (and irregularly sampled X axis
               values, if any) are always written as 4 bytes real.

    The default mode and number of bits can also be  specified  through  the
      SET FITS BITS Nbits
    The option /CHECK will print the FITS HEADER on the terminal.

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