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        LAS\FITS   WRITE  File[.fits]  /MODE  SPECTRUM|INDEX  [/BITS  Nbits]

    WRITE the File.fits FITS file from the CLASS Data Format. The  resulting
    FITS  file  is  a binary table (BINTABLE) with columns of parameters and
    channel intensities (dedicated CLASS-FITS format, see  CLASS  documenta-
    tion  for  details). In order to produce a data cube, the commands TABLE
    and XY_MAP must be used first. Then the resulting GDF cube  can  be  ex-
    ported with the command V\FITS.

    /MODE is a mandatory option which can take the following values as argu-
    SPECTRUM a simple FITS file is written from the current  R  spectrum  in
             memory  is written. The number of bits per intensity value used
             when writing the FITS file may be controlled through the  /BITS
             optional  argument.  It can be: 16 or I*2 (2 bytes integer), 32
             or I*4 (4 bytes integer) or -32 or R*4 (4 bytes real).  Default
             is 32.
    INDEX    a  FITS BINTABLE is written from all the spectra in current in-
             dex. The user MUST make sure that all index spectra are consis-
             tent  (same  source, same line, same frequency setup, ...). The
             intensity values (and irregularly sampled  X  axis  values,  if
             any) are always written as 4 bytes real.

    The  default  mode  and number of bits can also be specified through the
      SET FITS BITS Nbits
    The option /CHECK will print the FITS HEADER on the terminal.

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