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    FOLD  copies  R  into T, and folds a (not yet folded) frequency-switched

    The behavior regarding blank values (contaminating or not the  resulting
    spectrum) is ruled by the SET BAD tuning (see HELP SET BAD for details).
    If blank channels are located at the folded  spectrum  boundaries,  they
    can  be kept (/BOUNDARIES KEEP) or implictly dropped (/BOUNDARIES DROP).
    Default is KEEP.

    Because of the frequency throw, there are frequencies which are not cov-
    ered  by  all phases (R%HEAD%FSW%NPHAS), typically 1 phase instead of 2.
    The resulting channels in the folded spectrum are located at  the  spec-
    trum  boundaries.  If SET ALIGN second argument is Intersect (resp. Com-
    posite), those channels are rejected from (resp. included  in)  the  re-
    sulting R spectrum. Default is Intersect.

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