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        LAS\LIST  [IN|OUT]  [/BRIEF]  [/LONG]  [/SCAN] [/OUTPUT File] [/TOC]
    [/VARIABLE VarName]

    List header information about an ensemble of Observations.  LIST is used
    for a quick look to Observation headers, in a more or less detailed for-
    mat. IN or OUT keyword specifies the file to be listed.  If absent,  the
    current index is listed. A medium-sized format is used by default.
    LIST IN       List the whole input file (all versions, see FIND /ALL)
    LIST OUT      List the whole output file (all versions)
    /BRIEF        Brief format
    /LONG         Long format
    /SCAN         Scan based compact format
    /SCAN /BRIEF  Scan numbers followed by the number of spectra in each scan
    /TOC          Display the table of contents. See subtopic for details.
    /OUTPUT File  Send the list to a file

    Some options are particularly well suited for large ensemble of spectra:
    /SCAN displays the index on a scan number basis  (defined  by  a  unique
    SOURCE, LINE, TELESCOPE and SCAN number), /SCAN /BRIEF gives the list of
    scan numbers with their total number of spectra. /SCAN and /LONG options
    are incompatible.


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