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        LAS\LIST [IN|OUT] /TOC [Attr1 Attr2 ... AttrN] [/VARIABLE VarName]

    LIST /TOC displays the Table Of Contents of the current index, or of the
    input  (LIST  IN)  or output file (LIST OUT). A summary of the different
    values of each attribute is made, plus a final summary of all the combi-
    nations (setups). The attributes can be:
        - SOURCE
        - LINE
        - TELESCOPE
        - OFF1
        - OFF2
        - ENTRY
        - NUMBER
        - BLOCK
        - VERSION
        - KIND
        - QUALITY
        - SCAN
        - SUBSCAN
    By default, SOURCE, LINE and TELESCOPE are used.

    The  table  of  contents  is also saved in a SIC, user-defined structure
    thanks to the option /VARIABLE (default is TOC%).  The  content  of  the
    structure  is updated after each call to the command LIST /TOC. One must
    take care that subsequent calls to FIND can lead to values in  TOC%  in-
    consistant with the current index.

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