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Exporting CLASS Spectra through FITS

   1  set angle sec
   2  file in co21.30m
   3  find /range -2 2 -2 2
   4  get f
   5  set fits mode spectrum
   6  fits write single.fits
   7  find /range -2 2 -2 2
   8  fits write index.fits /mode index
  1. Angles are expressed in arcseconds.
  2. Open the .30m file.
  3. Build the index.
  4. Store the first spectrum in R memory.
  5. Default mode for writing FITS is set to single spectrum.
  6. Write the R memory in FITS format file 'single.fits'.
  7. Re-build the index.
  8. Write the whole index in FITS format file 'index.fits'.

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