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        LAS\PLOT [ArrayName] [/INDEX] [/OBS]

        Display the Observation in R. No argument or argument "Y" will  plot
        the  spectrum  Y intensities of the R buffer (RY), but an associated
        array can be plotted instead given its name. It is equivalent to the
        following sequence of commands:
            CLEAR DIRECTORY  ! i.e. clear only the current window
            SPECTRUM [ArrayName]
        The  type of PLOT can be specified by SET PLOT. The limits for the X
        and Y axes are set by SET MODE X and SET MODE Y.

        Equivalent to the following sequence of commands:
            BOX /INDEX
            SPECTRUM /INDEX
            TITLE /INDEX
        Plot a 2-dimensional image (built with the LOAD command) with veloc-
        ity/frequency  for  the X axis, index number for the Y-axis, and in-
        tensity being rendered as grey/color scale. Use SET MODE Y to choose
        the  color lower and upper limits. Entering command POPUP after PLOT
        /INDEX enables displaying a single spectrum,  selected  by  clicking
        with  the  middle button of the mouse. Use SET MODE Z to control the
        second dimension of the plot (e.g. number of entries).

    Default is /OBS. The default can be modified with SET ACTION.

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