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        LAS\SET CALIBRATION [Beam_Tol [Gain_Tol]] or OFF

    Specify  the  tolerance on the Beam efficiency (Beam_Tol) and gain image
    ratio (Gain_Tol), on turn or calibration checking. A value of 0 means no
    check. The default values are 0.02 and 0 respectively.

    These values are used by the command CONSISTENCY (and the other commands
    using it implicitely) to verify that the calibration is consistant. They
    are  also  used by command WRITE which writes the corresponding informa-
    tion in the output file only if Beam_Tol is non zero. Note that  because
    the beam efficiency is less than 1, you could use Beam_Tol=1 to suppress
    the calibration checking but still write the information.

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