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        LAS\SET FORMAT Type

    Set  the format of the title of observations plotted. The same format is
    used by the LIST command. The format may be  BRIEF  (Observation  number
    and  version,  Source  name, Line name, Telescope name and position off-
    sets), LONG or FULL which is similar to the long format, but  also  dis-
    plays  the  list  of original Scans. The default is LONG. FULL format is
    always used for command HEADER.

    Other keywords can be specified to indicate which  type  of  information
    should be written for the LONG and FULL formats. This is done by command
        LAS\SET  FORMAT Keyword [ON] [OFF] (ON to write the information cor-
    responding to the specified keyword, OFF to ignore it). The keywords are
      - POSITION for position of the source, offsets,  type  of  coordinates
        and Equinox
      -  QUALITY for the Opacity, System temperature, Elevation, Integration
      - SPECTRAL for the number of channel, reference channel, velocity  and
        resolution, signal and image frequency and resolution.
      - CALIBRATION for the beam and forward efficiencies and the gain image
      - ATMOSPHERE for the water vapor content, pressure,  temperatures  and
        opacities in signal and image bands.
      - CONTINUUM for continuum drift information
      - ORIGIN for the list of added scans.
    The  default  is  Position  - Quality - Spectral for spectra, Position -
    Quality - Continuum for drifts. A line of general information is  always
    written in any case.

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