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        LAS\SET MASK [ml1 ml2 [...]] [/VAR array]

    Defines  a  mask  for the Gaussian fits by its boundaries. If available,
    the cursor will be used to  specify  missing  arguments,  unless  option
    /NOCURSOR  is  present.  When  using the cursor, enter: N (or Left mouse
    button) to enter a value, C (or Middle button) to cancel the last entry,
    H for help, E (or Right button) for exit.  The boundaries are in current
    unit. Default is no mask. The boundaries are in current unit.  See  DRAW
    MASK to display the mask(s).

    SET MASK /VAR mask_array
      Define  the  masks  from rank 1 array mask_array[1+2*NMASK]. The array
      must be of the following form:
        mask_array[1]=NMASK      number of masks
        mask_array[2*i:2*i+1]    boundaries of mask num. 'i'

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