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        LAS\SET MODE  X | Y | Z | ALL  [mode]

    Select the scale mode for axis X, Y or Z, or all. The mode can be:
      AUTO    : limits as found in the observation header (DEFAULT),
      TOTAL   : all data plotted,
      CURRENT : fix the current values in use (whatever if they were
                Automatic, Total, or already Fixed), so that the next
                spectra plotted will reuse the same
      [void]: i)  limits are entered explicitly by the user
                        LAS\set mode x x1 x2
              ii) limits are entered interactively when no mode is
                  given (if the cursor is available)

    For 2D data (built with the LOAD command), SET MODE Y defines the  color
    range.  The  second dimension range (e.g. observation number) is defined
    with SET MODE Z.

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